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Covid-19 Impact

Hey Gorgeous! On behalf of the entire team at curLUXE Naturals, THANK YOU for your continued loyalty, support and passion for our haircare brand. We appreciate the opportunity to continue serving you, our loyal customers.  Anikitia As many of you know, COVID-19 has put an incredible strain on small businesses. ​Our  manufacturing supply chain remains operational, however, there is an industry shortage on specific  ingredients especially the butters … Read More Covid-19 Impact


Straight from the heart

I tried to hang on to my growing brand, but my passion for my children outgrew the desire I had for the business that, despite the rave reviews from bloggers and consumers, didn’t love me back.  I threw myself into the fight for my children and I once I gained custody I decided to dedicate all of my time to giving my children something they never had which was a stable environment.  I felt my passion diminish for curLUXE as I enjoyed the learning curves of motherhood.